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Hi i'm Troy!

I love coffee and I kinda suck at giving myself a wrap.

In terms of work, I focus primarily on COMMERCIAL AND PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY. I'll venture out of studio regularly, looking for natural light when i'm not inside bringing my own.


My PHOTOGRAPHY is best suited to your digital campaigns, your social content plan, instore POS, anywhere that you're trying to make an impression on your potential customer.  


It feels right to keep my PHOTOGRAPHS simple, almost graphic design like, and the subject is always the hero.


I worked collaboratively with New Zealand Natural, Burleigh Brewing Co, MAC Cosmetics, Happy Socks, Balter Brewing, Billabong, Jane Iredale, Dylan Kain, Tropical Fruit World, a bunch of Residential Developers and a few other beautiful brands.


I'd love to work with you, or the brand you work on behalf of. 


Go ahead and make contact, I promise i'll do my best to make you happy.


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